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Solid Engineering Corporation is a team of experienced engineers and consultants. We combine our skills and experience with state-of-the-art CAD software and hardware to create a strong resource for your ideas. At Solid Engineering Corporation, we feel that it is our duty as professionals to educate those that come to us seeking help and seeking the next logical step.

Design & Analysis

Design and Analysis is the byproduct of engineering. After the initial concept layout and functional calculations are complete, we can analyze motion and function under simulated conditions and loads. We at Solid Engineering Corporation believe in the “trust but verify” mentality. What this means is that even if virtual testing goes well, real life testing must be done to verify the results.


At Solid Engineering Corporation, prototyping is a large part of what we do. We have many years of experience at building and debugging complex and not so complex prototypes and prototype assemblies. We have some of the most talented staff and partners of designers, fabricators and builders. We feel that there is virtually no product or machine that we cannot prototype.


Solid Engineering Corporation is your premier source for complete manufacturing of mechanical and electrical products. Our facility, staff and expertise can accommodate your production and manufacturing needs be they large or small. Here at Solid Engineering Corporation we can take you and your product to the next levels of volume manufacturing.