Design and Analysis is the byproduct of engineering. After the initial concept layout and functional calculations are complete, we can analyze motion and function under simulated conditions and loads. This is all done with the latest available technically advanced software tools. We at Solid Engineering Corporation believe in the “trust but verify” mentality. What this means is that even if virtual testing in the CAD system goes well and looks promising, real life testing must be done to verify the results and validate the design.

With analysis, we can determine early in the design process if there is any deficiency in the strength of materials and/or the proportions of an area of the modeled design. It is important to note that computer software is a tool like any other. In the hands of an experienced engineer, proper restraints, loads, and flows are implemented in order to achieve realistic results. In the hands of an inexperienced engineer, results will be flawed, unrealistic and ultimately misleading. Powerful software tools are much like a scalpel in the hands of a surgeon. Load bearing structures are analyzed using advanced finite element analysis tools. Designs where flow is critical are analyzed using advanced flow analysis tools. Designs that incorporate many moving parts are analyzed using advanced motion / kinematics analysis tools. Many undesired results can be avoided using these techniques coupled with years of experience.

We at Solid Engineering Corporation want you to be successful! These analysis tools save time and money bringing the design and vision closer to desirable results on the first prototype build. It is only through success that we can be ultimately successful as a company for our many clients that depend upon us for our expertise.


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