Manufacturing is the use of machines, tools, computers and labor to make things in volume for use or sale. The term may refer to a range of human activity, from handicraft to high tech, but is most commonly applied to industrial production, in which raw materials are transformed into finished goods on a large scale.

A product or machine starts it’s development cycle as a concept. The concept is then evolved through design to a design freeze milestone. At this milestone point in the process, the prototype phase is initiated. Once the design has gone through multiple prototype debug stages, a pilot build is the last step in debug of the design. A pilot build is simply a prototype build in some kind of volume of more than one unit scale. This is where the assembly process is refined and streamlined to a system that boosts confidence levels in order to go forward to a preproduction phase.

The preproduction phase is a larger volume build that leverages all of the processes learned from the pilot build phase. This is the final chance at refining the design and manufacturing process further in order to be cost effective for larger volumes. Tooling and fixtures are designed, procured, and put in place to aide in the speed of the manufacturing process and the final quality outcome of the end product. This is where large scale manufacturing can begin.

Along with all of these evolutions of the end product, Solid Engineering Corporation can also take you and your product to the next higher levels of volume manufacturing. Procurement, incoming inspection, automation machinery, tooling, and fixtures are all services that we can render in order to do large scale manufacturing. Assembly and integration process is an art that our team is well skilled in providing. The assembly process must be well thought out and designed. Floor layout and resources must be allocated and leveled in a production process model. Other valuable steps that we offer are quality control, packaging, and fulfillment.

We have some of the most versatile video production resources available to help bolster your marketing effort. These productions can be in the form of commercials, infomercials or other digital media.

All of the services can be built into a manageable plan as required. Every product requires differing modules of services. We try to build a service plan tailored to each project individually and on individual budgetary requirements. Think of this plan as a series of building blocks that can be added, subtracted or interlocked with other blocks based on cost and necessity.


Solid Engineering Corporation will always actively seek manufacturing contracts. This is something that we have extensive experience in and something that we are very good at. We want your hard fought battle through the development cycle and tough financing to be successful.

Manufacturing contracts negotiated at the initial stages of development are a great opportunity and incentive for both parties. In the right situation, with the right product, we can shift up front cost factors to be recovered from back end profits. This can be done through front end sweat equity on our part through any number and combinations of creative monetary agreements. Every situation and opportunity is different and not all products and situations qualify for this type of agreement.

Our goal at Solid Manufacturing Solutions is to have long term relationships and agreements that help us both prosper into the future. We understand that if you are successful in achieving your manufacturing goals, that we may mutually benefit from that ultimate success of the volume manufacturing of your idea.

We are motivated for your success!

Here is a collection of images that help illustrate the manufacturing process:


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