At SOLID Engineering Corporation…

We are a talented group of engineers with extensive and diverse knowledge coupled with many years of experience. We have been successful only because of our willingness to listen to our clients and understand their needs and requirements. We have spent years developing a design and implementation process featuring staged phases targeted at custom machine designs, consumer product development, as well as commercial applications. These strategies coupled with superior customer service, have awarded us with a long running history of success and an arsenal of happy clients and referrals. We are hands on creative thinkers. We all have a “make it happen” attitude and a strong passion for creating the seemingly impossible. All of our personnel and partners are driven by a desire to make dreams a reality or they would not be associated with our organization. We believe that invention is the product of necessity and that these inventions make a difference in peoples lives and in turn make a difference in our lives. We take great pride in our achievements and enjoy the emotions and excitement of success in engineering and implementing peoples dreams. We hope that you will join us in the excitement and the positive experience that is Solid Engineering Corporation.

 Our Team

Frederick ( Rick) E. Morgan

Mechanical Engineer, President / Owner
Mr. Morgan’s career originated in Chicago land Illinois where he studied the art of Mechanical Engineering and began work as a young draftsman with Cutler Hammer where he was responsible for motor control panel layouts. He learned quickly and displayed some very innovative creativity and communication skills that paved the way for a career path with a tour of duties at many large and small corporations responsible for custom machine design and manufacturing process automation for many diverse products and fields.Mr. Morgan’s experience encompasses over 30 years of engineering and has made him responsible for managing and deploying high profile projects for business entities including, but not limited to printing equipment, material handling equipment, agricultural machinery, medical equipment, gaming entertainment mechanisms and pool and spa equipment to name a few.Mr. Morgan is experienced in the areas of time and motion studies, prototyping, life testing, assembly process studies, cost evaluation, manufacturing technique evaluation, strength analysis of mechanical parts, Prototyping, Manufacturing and Medical Engineering.

Ron King

Project Mgr. / Mechanical Engineer25+ years in the mechanical engineering field with experience in the following areas: product/mechanical design: using plastic and sheet metal design, castings and fiberglass, weldgun design, chassis tooling, assembly line tooling and fixtures, special machines and gauges, prototyping, agricultural sprayers & pumps, medical devices, R & D, reverse engineering, military vehicle concepts and design, interior design, electro-mechanical gauges and devices, custom keyboards , optical trackball mouse

Wednel Georges

Wednel is a proud Mechanical Engineering graduate of Florida Atlantic University. He performs various technical duties concerning the planning, research, development, design, testing, production, installation and operation of engineering projects and services involving mechanical equipment.He applies his knowledge of mechanical theory and engineering science to problems concerning production, transmission and the use of energy and mechanical power. He utilizes SolidWorks, a three-dimensional computer aided design software to assist with projects. He has designed various mechanical components with the software. He has also prepared detailed engineering drawings of those parts as well as assembly drawings of entire apparatuses to be manufactured by machinists. He has experience around the machine shop with machining, assembling, and debugging parts using the various types of mechanical tools and equipment.

Eric Lopez

Project Manager/ SolidWorks Designer
Expertise in:
* Equipment Design
* Reverse Engineering
* Equipment Gap Analysis
* Vendor Management/ Liaison
* Engineering Project Management

Antonio Mohamad

Antonio is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University where he received his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. His technical expertise include thermal analysis and fluid flow, but he is also knowledgeable in all other areas of engineering theory. He has machine shop experience and is ready to wrench away at any given moment. He is a fast learner and is becoming more technically diverse by the day.