We offer a variety of services to help you get your product to market quickly and professionally:

Product Development:

Complete Product Development: Using a concurrent engineering/business team approach, we can bring new products to production on schedule and within budget.

• Develop and manage a complete product development program
• Working closely with marketing, we can develop Product Design Specifications
• Make technical feasibility assessments and recommendations
• Create and present design review packages to management
• Provide technical assistance and training to engineers
• Develop a feasible model, prototype model, pilot model, production model
• Complete product documentation packages including manuals
• Develop renderings and functional animations of products for visual marketing aides
• Virtual Prototyping using Pro Engineer, SolidWorks & AutoDesk Inventor solid modeling software

Computer Aided Design:

CAD programs are interactive drawing systems designed to permit a user to construct or edit a drawing on a graphics display screen. In the past they were essentially a two-dimensional drawing system. Recent releases now support a full three-dimensional database.

Solid Engineering Corporation offers you 40 years of combined Project Management & Mechanical Engineering Design experience utilizing a number of computer/cad software.

We specialize in:

• CAD Product development and machine design from concept to production or we will develop the concept from your original ideas.
• We use all powerful state of the art mainstream softwares in order to optimize and give your project the best tools available.
• SolidWorks: 3D mechanical design
• Pro-E / Mechanica: 3D mechanical design
• AutoDesk Inventor: 3D mechanical design
• CosmosWorks: Finite element design analysis
• CosmosFloWorks: Flow analysis, compressive and non compressive fluids
• CosmosMotion: complete 3D dynamics / kinematics motion simulation

Solid Engineering Corporation provides full service engineering and cad services, including 2D to 3D conversion We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and how our design team can help meet, and hopefully successfully exceed our goals together. We look forward to meeting you.

Design Engineering:

Solid Engineering Corporation is a team of experienced engineers and consultants. We combine our skills and experience with state-of-the-art CAD software and hardware to create a strong resource for out-sourcing your tooling, mechanism, automation, product design requirements. Our engineering staff has the experience to create solid models that your company can use for all phases of your manufacturing process. Solid Manufacturing Solutions Inc. offers services in Mechanical / Electrical Design and Engineering needed to go from conception through prototype to development and production of complete assemblies and parts.

We provide a wide range of services:

• Product Design
• Solid Modeling, assembly and detailing
• Assistance in getting your product FDA, CE & UL certified
• Design analysis software, FEA, Motion and Flow analysis
• Conversion of 2D drawing to parametric solid CAD 3D models

Using CAD design techniques converting 2D designs in 3 dimensional modeling, Solid Engineering Corporation create basic machine specifications from concept and layout stages to fully detailed arrangements. We

have extensive experience creating solid models that can be used in a variety of applications. We are not only the most proficient at using 3D CAD software but highly experienced in many areas of product design.

Solid Engineering Corporation Engineers have extensive backgrounds in product design. We specialize in everything from simple components, to complex electromechanical products.

Other areas of expertise include:

• Automated assembly equipment design
• Electromechanical assembly equipment design
• Mechanical mechanisms and power transmission
• Electrical controls and circuits
• Production equipment design
• Plastic injection molded part design
• Sheet metal fabrication design
• Vacuum formed part design
• Pressure formed part design
• Weldment design
• Machined part design
• X-ray and imaging equipment
• X-ray chambers


SOLID ENGINEERING CORPORATION is your premier source for complete Design of mechanical and electric products. Our facility and expertise can accommodate your low and high volume prototype production needs. Solid Engineering Corporation team is GMP certified and is experienced in the following areas:

• Supply Chain Management
• Scheduling
• Quality assurance
• Production assembly fixtures
• Production procedures
• Product tooling and cost reduction

We also specialize all product development build phases.

• Product / Machine Prototyping 1 to 10 units
• Rapid Prototyping Quick turn around
• Pilot production 5 to 25 units
• Production 10 or more
Solid Manufacturing Solutions can bring your product from concept to full production.

Product Evaluation:

For $500.00, our product development experts will evaluate your product in total confidentiality. We will provide a detailed Product Evaluation report with the following information:

• Patentability issues
• Idea protection
• Activities necessary to develop a product\Product development process
• Development costs
• Product cost
• Warranty costs and liabilities
• Tooling costs
• Risk analysis
• Shipping and packaging costs
• Tools that can be used for presentations to investors
• Licensing vs. manufacturing product
• UL, CE, FDA, certification
• Competition
• Market, Consumer vs. commercial
• Order Product Evaluation

For examples of our work, please browse our gallery of projects.