Who are we and why it pays to go SOLID?

We are a talented group of engineers with extensive and diverse knowledge coupled with many years of experience.

We have been successful only because of our willingness to listen to our clients and understand their needs and requirements.

We have spent years developing design and implementation process with staged phases for custom machine design for commercial applications as well as consumer product development.

These strategies coupled with intimate understanding of customer service have awarded us with a long running history of success and an arsenal of happy clients and referrals.

We are hands on creative thinkers. We all have a “make it happen” attitude and a strong passion for creating the seemingly impossible. All of our personnel and partners are driven by a desire to make dreams a reality or they would not be associated with our organization. We believe that invention is the product of necessity and that these inventions make a difference in people’s lives and in turn make a difference in our lives.

We have great pride in our achievements and enjoy the emotions and excitement of success in engineering and implementing people’s dreams. We hope that you will Join us in that excitement and the positive experience that is Solid Engineering Corporation.

We have a proven track record of success in numerous areas including:

Product Development / Machine Design

• Innovative product development
• Plastics, sheet metal, castings
• Complex assemblies
• Mechanical design
• Electro-mechanical design
• Mechanics
• Electronics packaging
• Industrial design

Engineering /Analysis

• Mechanical
• Structural
• Thermal
• Fluids
• Interference checking

Solid Modeling Parts and assemblies

• Complex surfacing
• 2D to 3D conversion


• Detail drawings
• Assembly Documentation
• Drawing sets
• Conversions
• Illustrations


• Product / Machine Prototyping
• Rapid Prototyping
• Pilot production

For examples of our work, please browse our gallery of projects.